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If your primary care physician (PCP) is also a DO (as in Priya Maharaj, DO) which is a Doctor of Osteopathy, then you have an added advantage.

Your DO is a licensed and accredited Family Practice Physician, of course, but has added neuro musculoskeletal training which allows her to manipulate the spine and body, providing relief from pains and discomfort. This revolutionary specialization is improving the quality of life for both young and old. Read more about Osteopathy

   many possibilities  

Family Practice

Is the treatment of acute and chronic illnesses. Family Physicians also provide preventive care and health education for all ages and both sexes. This includes minor surgery and obstetrics and even the surgical removal of skin lesions. Family Physicians also have hospital privileges.

Often, Family practice or "General Practice" is misunderstood to be an unspecialized or generic field of medicine. This is not so. As far back as 1979, Family Medicine (or Family Practice) has been recognized as a distinct specialty in the United States of America. Family physicians are board-certified in Family Medicine and training is focused on treating an individual throughout all of his or her life stages. A Family Physician is required to complete three additional years of residency training in the specialty of family medicine. Family Physicians are trained in all major medical areas, including cardiology, dermatology, gynecology, and pediatrics. They must recertify more often than any other specialty.

Additional training and ongoing educational requirements allow family physicians to know when to treat you, and when to bring in a specialist you can trust. Osteopathic family physicians take a whole person care approach such that cause, not just symptoms are treated.

At Baldwin Park Family Practice, P.A, Family Medicine finds a perfect marriage with Osteopathic Medicine to give you the opportunity of receiving complete, whole person as well as "whole family" care. Symptoms are treated at its root cause and not its mere effects. And with the added knowledge and caring nature of our staff, your medical future with us can be a bright one indeed.

Call a member of our staff at 407-898-4550 and request information on the types of care we provide; it might be one of the healthiest decisions you ever make.

Insurances we accept

It is very important that you verify your Physician office's acceptance of your insurance plan/plans by contacting them directly. Baldwin Park Family Practice, P.A. is credentialed and contracted with many Healthcare Networks around the United States. We also accept fee for service appointments. NOT HAVING INSURANCE DOES NOT AUTOMATICALLY IMPLY THAT YOU WILL NOT BE SEEN BY OUR OFFICE.

Please feel free to give us a call at: 407.898.4550 or email us at for more information on health plans we accept.

  “Baldwin Park Family Practice is just what my family was looking for. We have a great relationship with Becky and our physician and value this greatly. Keep up the great work!”
- The Ramdins

"Previous to meeting Dr. Maharaj, I had not been aware of the use of OMT procedures by Osteopathic Physicians. With OMT treatment, I have been experiencing less pains, less discomfort and an overall better quality of life."
- Current OMT Patient, Orlando, Florida.

“Dr. Maharaj is a wonderful and caring physician. She is knowledgeable on so much - even great stuff like Botox and Skin treatments. I will continue to go there and strongly recommend her.”

- Lisa

“When I arrived at this facility, all I thought all I would be able to do is get seen for my symptoms. I was pleasantly surprised to know she offers Botox, Microdermabrasion and facial peels - together with some great physician only products. These are great services.”
- Loyal Patient

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procedures we offer

Family practice covers the widest range of symptoms that one can be seen for in all medical disciplines. Family practice also covers all ages and stages in life.

 Family Medicine Physician Directed Aesthetics Physician Directed Healthcare
Physicals Botox® Weight Loss
Minor Surgery Microdermabrasion Nutrition Programs
Pediatrics Facial Peels Individual Consultation
Gynecology Skin-Care Consultation Medical Creams
AND MORE... Skin Tag Removal AND MORE...

If you or another individual is experiencing acute or chronic symptoms, please feel free to give us a call at 407-898-4550 to discuss whether you can be seen in our practice.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have a medical emergency – Dial 911

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